Succession Matters Total Claims Paid 2017

Income Protection

Mental HealthMale57$46,350Builder
Arm Injury/StrokeMale48$100,300Pharmacist
Mental HealthFemale57$66,320Injury Specialist
Hand InjuryMale35$66,130Electrician
Parkinson’s DiseaseMale63$45,246Director
Stroke & Cerebral HemorrhageMale39$127,210Manager
Breast CancerFemale48$14,000Town Planner
Back InjuryMale54$99,500 finalElectrician


Heart Disease/Prostate CancerMale70$52,500General Manager


Breast CancerFemale48$26,802Town Planner
Breast CancerFemale60$105,000Office Manager

Points to Consider

  • Succession Matters is proud to deliver on our promise by facilitating claims on behalf of our clients.
  • A record number of claims paid in 2017 with Income Protection remaining the most likely claimable event followed by Trauma.
  • Recognition of our ageing client demographic i.e. age range 45-60 is representative of highest number of industry claims.
  • Validates our strong belief that all females; regardless of age should have Trauma cover to protect against Breast Cancer.
  • Confirms importance of dealing with an Insurance Specialist i.e. someone who is experienced and passionate about claims