Your Succession Directory

Your Succession Directory is a comprehensive record which sets out your intentions, plan of action and all the measures you have put in place for your Estate Plan.  It is a great starting point for family, children, executors, guardians and trustees allowing you to help explain what is included in your Estate Plan and why, a pathway to follow providing peace of mind.

It contains copies of all your Estate documents including Wills and Letter of Wishes, partnership agreements, insurances, deeds and other important documentation.

Some example content may include:

Estate Vision Flowchart

Distribution of Assets via your Will

Your Estate Assets

Linking Will to Non-Estate Assets

Payment of debts and assets

Succession Appointor


Roles & Responsibilities
Your Will

Distribute the residue of the Estate to Lineal Descent

Link to Wills

Search for Agreements

Establish Testamentary Trusts

Definition: Testamentary trusts are created by a Will to provide a greater level of control & protection over the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

For the primary benefit of:

  • The survivor of you;
  • Your lineal descendants; and
  • Related entities (trusts and companies).

To be managed by your trustees, the surviving spouse and then the survivor of them.

Final Beneficiary (Calamity Clause)

Definition: People or institutions designated to receive life estate trust property outright upon the death of a life beneficiary.

(if any beneficiary has failed to survive you, then their share passes to their children, if any).


BDBN – Binding Death Benefit Nomination

LPR – Legal Personal Representative